About us...

This website is written by a woman and a man.

We believe that writing this information website as a male and female team will improve the quality of our advice enormously.

We can talk about both sides of the experience of sex and relationships, and hopefully we can also include other aspects of sex and relationships, such as homosexual relationships and sex, gender beyond male and female, and so on, in an intelligent way too.

And so you know what we are good at...

Anna has a Master's degree in Zoology and is a qualified psychotherapist running a private practice in the UK.

Rod has also got a Master's degree in Zoology (which is a pure coincidence), has done training in psychotherapy and is running websites on sexuality. He is the techie one of the two of us, though Anna is trying her best to catch up.

Additionally, as there are only two of us, there's likely to be a lot of experiences and facts about sex and relationships which we don't know about. So that's where you come in! Write to us: we want to find out about your opinions, the things you've learned, and your personal experiences.

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