The Coital Alignment Technique

This is a revolutionary new technique for men and women when making love which is designed to ensure that the woman is able to reach orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation when making love. You need this kind of help in relationships because often, the level of sexual pleasure received during intercourse is not enough to satisfy one or both of the partners. This will ensure both men's pleasure and women's pleasure.

The CAT or coital alignment technique is a variation of the missionary or man on top position, which allows - indeed requires - the man to move in a different way during lovemaking, so that his body repeatedly presses on the woman's clitoris.

This is achieved by a different orientation of the man in a woman's body during sexual intercourse.

During normal missionary position, or man on top sex, the man would simply insert his erection into his partner's vagina and then thrust in and out motion, although admittedly the couple might change the angle of their pelvises to get greater pleasure and different sensations.

However, in the coital alignment technique, a different orientation is actually compulsory, because the whole objective of the exercise is to ensure that the man's penis is oriented more vertically than normal. This is achieved by him shifting his body weight upwards long his partner's body when they make love, so that he cannot in fact thrusting and now motion, but is restricted to a kind of pelvic rocking.

Indeed, his partner will rock in simultaneous fashion, so that her clitoral area is constantly stimulated by the man's body -- more specifically, the area around the base of the penis. Now it has been said that it's actually the base of the penile shaft that stimulates the clitoris, but if you think about it this is actually most unlikely, because for many men the angle that the erect penis would need to adopt is too acute to be comfortable.

In fact what's most difficult to achieve about pelvic alignment required for the coital alignment technique is the Simultaneous movement of the couple so that bodily contact is maintained, but with varying pressure that rhythmically stimulates the woman's clitoris.

Explaining coital alignment for better sex and female orgasm during lovemaking.

Now, as I have already said, the whole objective of the coital alignment technique, or CAT, Is that the woman has a much greater chance of achieving orgasm during sexual intercourse. As you well aware, the traditional route to it orgasm from woman is clitoral stimulation, and of course traditional thrusting in the missionary position doesn't achieve anything like enough stimulation on the clitoris for her to reach orgasm. One reason for this of course is that the clitoris is located Rather a long distance away from the vaginal opening!

So when the man changes orientation, lying on the woman, face-to-face, but entering her from a higher angle than usual, there is far more pressure exerted on the clitoris, while he is entering and re-entering her as she thrusts in time with his movements.

How to do The Coital Alignment Technique

So the basic step is for the man to enter the woman between her legs, which are apart, slightly bent, but certainly closer together than they might normally be as the man enters. He then moves himself further appliances body, so that his penis is bent downwards, and that when he enters her in an up-and-down motion rather than backwards and forwards motion, some part of his penile anatomy or the base of his penis, or the area of his pelvis which lies around the base of his penile shaft will make contact with the clitoris.

Know the man needs to be relaxed in his upper body, but you can rest on his way to his partner, -- and it's helpful him sometimes to lean to her left or right to so that his weight spread onto the body of the bed.

His partner can at that stage wrapped her legs around his, so that her ankles are roughly around his cards, and using his legs as a brace, she can then begin to thrust her own pelvis, repeatedly making contact between the area of her clitoris, and the area around the base of the man's penis. And of course this is the point at which all descriptions of the coital alignment technique become unclear, because basically in desperation, authors refer to "rocking in synchronised movement which will stimulate the clitoris".

Last updated January 31 2018

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