What Is The Tao Of Badass ?

You probably already know that the Tao Of Badass is a system for picking up women – a system that is designed for men, probably those who feel anxious around women, or those who don't have much self-esteem about picking up (or, if you prefer seduce) women.

It's become very popular over the years on the Internet, and it's still big business today – the question is does it work ?

Well, that's one question, but another question is "is it based on sound principles"?

And this is very interesting, because there is evidence to suggest that women find men who are more aggressive to be quite appealing as mates.

That's a contentious statement, particularly in the light of our society's abuse of women, but we''re not talking about that – we're talking about an attitude of mind.

And I think in some ways the attitude of mind I'm about to describe is the attitude of mind which is supposed to be generated by using the techniques of dominance and superiority described in Tao of Badass and its ilk.

Does Dao Of Badass MAKE A Man Aggressive?

A very interesting question because Tao Of Badass is all about having the man dominant over the woman who he's trying to seduce.

In traditional explanations of how badass and pick up techniques work, it's been said they work because the woman is intrigued, or hypnotized, or "negged" into believing that she needs a man's approval.

Yet it's possible there's a more fundamental aspect to this – simply that women find aggressive men appealing in some way.

In a study in Germany, researchers established that in the broadest possible sense, women have to choose between two types of men, who have been nicknamed "dads" and "cads". (See more here.)

Dads, as you might expect, are committed, warm, faithful and reliable. But strangely enough, cads, who you might expect to be less faithful and reliable, tend to be more handsome, charismatic and dominant.

Indeed, cads also seem to be sexier, flashier, and more exploitative. Regrettably they often embody a psychological make-up of narcissism, Machiavellian-ism (which you can read as manipulativeness) and psychopathic tendencies.

While on the face of it these don't seem very interesting or appealing qualities for a woman to be seduced by, the truth of the matter is that these men may have a greater success rate in reproduction because they have genes that are high-quality – and in this context, "high quality" means nothing more than the chance of the child surviving to adulthood.

In reproductive studies, it's been shown how it's common for females to maximize their reproductive success by selecting a dominant male for reproduction and a more faithful but less charismatic personality for a longer term partnership (child rearing).

This is only a variation of biological theory that is seen in many species of animal on the planet.

Dominance & Badassery

Sadly for our belief that we are all free minded thinkers who have conscious choice in these matter, research has shown that during ovulation women have a tendency to mate with masculine men (who are supposed to possess these high-quality genes). In short, fertile women prefer men who display macho features and social dominance.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This could explain why so many women give birth to children fathered by somebody other than the putative father.

Obviously it's a lot easier for women to conceal their infidelity than it is for men.

Does This Explains The Success Of Badass?

Such male aggressive behavior, which might be the sort of behavior described in techniques contained in programs like the Tao of Badass can be "reactive impulsive" and "appetite aggressive". The first of these is about reaction to external threats while the second is about internal motivation.

Reactive pleasure is associated with hunting, violence, and combat. Socially dominant men feature highly in these categories.

And even appetite aggressiveness might also be an advertisement for good genes. So, are women drawn to truculent men during ovulation?

Unfortunately it won't surprise you, perhaps, to discover that studies have shown women prefer aggressive men as short-term mates, particularly when they are ovulating.

There's been a lot of work done in the field and it reveals that women find male characteristics such as dominance - those suggesting a high degree of masculinity - more attractive when they are at the peak of their fertility.

And regrettably it's not just a biological issue, it's also a behavioral issue on the part of the men – in other words, exactly the kind of aggressive behavior that comes from using programs like Tao Of Badass is favored by women at certain times of their reproductive cycle.

Dominant men who are aggressive, men who like to be aggressive, men who find it pleasurable to be aggressive, do not produce relationship benefits as they are untenable mates. And that's why women go for the "dads" (not cads) option for the long-term mate, regardless of who fathered the child.

No matter how much you might like to believe that women go for the good dad and the nice partner, the truth is they like to get pregnant by a bad boy.

Last updated 05.04.16

May 4 2016

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