The Tao Of Badass

I think you need to be realistic if you're going to try the Tao of Badass, because although it's billed as a rejection proof system which teaches a step-by-step method that is infallible, will work in every case, and will allow you to seduce girls and get them into your bed, the truth of the matter is (1) you're going to need to practice ad (2) you must expect to be disappointed – it won't work all the time.

The Tao of Badass

And I know you know that anyway but I thought I'd just mention it, because it's all too common for dating systems to present themselves as infallible systems for seducing and bedding women, when in fact their approach suggests a woman has no brain, and can't make a reasoned choice about who she wants to have in her bed – let alone in her life long term!

So an interesting thing about this is that the pickup artists have made a a big thing about their "systems" over the last say 15 years – and indeed, it's quite obvious there is something significant and substantially true about their claims.

The Tao of Badass reviewBut it's disturbing to me to think that some men believe women are so easily persuaded. They claim a program you can buy on the Internet, setting out seduction in steps-by-steps with no imagination and no variation of your approach, will get any woman you want into bed. Can this possibly be true?

Pickup artists use a series of techniques that are supposed to be irresistible to women, appealing deeply to the feminine nature, techniques which hook their interest, and then cause them to become more and more engaged and interested in you as time goes by.

The first person who wrote about this in detail was Neil Strauss, in his book The Game – an exposure of the pickup artists in the early days of their rise to prominence.

What was interesting about Strauss's attempt to expose the pick up techniques was that he himself began to use them extremely successfully, and eventually became a sex guru himself!

But his tale is a cautionary tale, because if you read his history, it transpires that he turned into a sex addict, and suffered considerable emotional distress.

Now there's no guarantee of course this was anything to do with his use of pickup artistry, but it's a telling tale and cautionary tale for anyone who is trying to use the Tao of Badass for similar purposes.

So it's interesting to read what Neil Strauss has to say about "the game" now, 10 years on. You can find an interesting description of how pickup artistry and Neil Strauss worked in this article where some favorite and basic techniques are described.

For example: ask a woman to imagine standing on a box in the desert. Listen to what she says. And then tell her about herself based on how she described it. This is, unsurprisingly, a route to opening a conversation.

And of course interesting little tricks like this are indeed a route to opening a conversation. (By the way, if you're wondering how this works, the "cube routine" means you use what she says as the basis of your description of her personality. So for example if the cube she describes is a big one, then she's self-confident; if it's transparent as opposed to opaque, then you can assume the woman has an open nature as opposed to guarded defensive nature… and so on)

And of course there's a skill here which is the one used by magicians and seance readers for a long period of time – it's called cold reading, and uses the information that the woman provides to generate feedback to her.... she will of course find you very perceptive if you do this correctly.

As you may have guessed, talking about or to a woman (or anybody, come to think of it) in this way is a technique to actually score with them.

How to Meet Women With The Tao of Badass

While things like that are harmless, and indeed quite amusing, The Game described some rather more distasteful techniques such as "negging". Here, you give a woman some kind of compliment with a sharp edge.

Thus, first of all you're made to look different to the majority of people who are trying to pick her up, and second of all, you've lowered her self-esteem so that she is more likely to want your approval because becomes more vulnerable to you.

Although people have picked up on negging as a sinister little technique, the truth of the matter is it's actually quite subtle, and done correctly, manipulative.

Indeed, it can indeed produce a particular outcome – but then, so can con artists.

You see, basically all pickup artistry is about starting a conversation with the woman.

There are loads of ways you can do this, but they will require certain quality in you: a quality which women admire in any man – self-confidence.

That's why developing clever techniques or gimmicks might actually be quite contrary to the basic principles of the Tao of Badass (i.e. knowing how to pick up women). You see, the basic principle of picking up women is about treating them with respect, starting a conversation with them and treating them as a fellow human being.

What you're doing effectively in the Tao of Badass is using subtle psychological techniques which give you an edge, by, for example, letting you predict what a woman might be feeling or thinking.

And there's more: for example, one of the techniques or tricks it gives you might be not to make a move on a woman unless you get three indicators of interest – such as a slight touch on your arm, for example.

What does this all "Badassery" amount to? Well I think what it amounts to is both good and bad.

Pickup artistry gives men confidence - they have a technique to make it easier to approach a woman and begin a conversation. On the other hand if a man's not fundamentally working on himself to develop his basic self-confidence, he's probably not going to be able to continue that conversation anyway.

Is The Tao of Badass worth trying? Heck, yes. You'll learn something, and you might even get yourself a woman.

Remember, though, it's all very well making an opening gambit, but if you don't know what to say next, you're a bit stuffed anyway.

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